Chronicle – 60 years of Ottemeier Chronicle – 60 years of Ottemeier

Ottemeier – 60 successful years

The staff can be proud of their 1,168 joint years of company involvement. This equates to an average of around 15 years of concentrated know-how and an impressive amount of experience - coupled with the great passion of each individual.


Rudolf Ottemeier starts up with the production of collar stiffeners for the textile industry. He is 23 years old and has two members of staff with his wife Marie-Elisabeth and a neighbour. The company´s registered office is located in Paderborner Straße 502 in Verl.


Ottemeier manufactures the first tool – for Tenge in Rietberg: and injection tool for cigarette racks.

Customers from day one: Benteler, Hörmann, Miele & Cie, Nosag, Tenge, Westfälische Metallindustrie.


The company location at Paderborner Straße was soon to small. An additional new building with 1,080 sqm in the industrial estate of the Kaunitz district was moved into - up until today the Ottemeier registered company office, but now expanded tenfold with 11,000 sqm.


The first production plant for Hörmann KG is created at Ottemeier: a saw cycle line for steel frames. Price: 158,700.00 German Marks.


Marion Ottemeier joins the company and starts her training as an industrial clerk.


Development and construction of the first automatic stamping plant for credit cards made of plastic. The client is a subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG.

Heike Ottemeier joins the company and starts her training as an industrial clerk.


Procuring the first large milling machine from Drop+Rein. The “old lady” is still operating in the company today after a retrofit.


Ottemeier creates the first CAD software with Intergraph.


Christian Wölki, today´s CEO, joins the company as a technician.


Founder Rudolf Ottemeier dies at the age of 72. His two daughters, Marion and Heike Ottemeier, continue to manage the company in the spirit of their father: with diligence, honesty, determination and foresight.


A large chapter is closed. With a very proud look back and an optimistic look forward, the company discontinues production of the collar stiffeners.


Precise, quick, high-quality. Ottemeier 4.0 - state-of-the-art robot technology arrives in Verl: the production process for wire EDM operates fully automatically.


“If we all continue like we are doing now, Ottemeier will be also be able to do the centenary”, Heike Ottemeier and Marion Ottemeier-Esken are in agreement.

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