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Special machines

You will find selected projects below which we have executed for our customers. We will be pleased to talk to you personally about additional work and projects.

Sawing plant for special frames

The frames are cut as mitred. The machining and processing line consists of four saws, two gantries for material feeding and several roller conveyors for material transport. In addition to the sawing plant, the line also includes a laser cell with a special material feed concept and a complex punching plant.

The machining and processing line operates as commission-related and fully automated with over 250 product variations from a batch size of 1 with connection to the ERP system.

Flexible CNC pre-punching plant

Flexible pre-punching plant with 18 punching units for utilisation in profiling plants

  • 6 pieces Size A
  • 6 pieces Size B
  • 3 pieces Size C
  • Coil widths up to 200mm

Shape punching plant

Up to ten tools are utilised to machine a steel frame, but not all tools are required at the same time due to the large number of product variants.


A wide variety of tools are utilised in the solution which we have developed. These include tools for punched holes for securing screws and bolts on the hinge side and opposite side of the frame, shaped punched holes in various sizes in the reveal, recesses with two fixing holes for the rating plate as well as oblique sealing holes in the area of the rubber sealing groove. A fully automatic rivet-setting station additionally places blind rivet nuts in the frame profile for the subsequent installation of an upper door closer.

Cutting plant for framework profile

Frame profiles made of composite materials are sawn to various lengths, provided with drill holes and subsequently cleaned after processing in the fully automatic production plant. A labelling system, a protective adhesive tape application system and a flame treatment system for surface optimisation are also integrated into the plant.

Trimming plant for sheet metal blanks

Sheet metal blanks for fire protection doors and fire protection flaps are trimmed on 4 sides in the fully automatic production plant. The sheets are picked up automatically, separated with a special system and then cut to the required size in a longitudinal and a lateral cutting station. The plant machines and processes blanks from batch size 1 in a large variety of variants. The finished blanks are automatically prepared for further machining and processing on bending and folding machines.


Travelling saw

Travelling saw for cutting foamed roller door profiles to length in a fully automatic production line with a production speed of up to 30 m/minute.