Project process Project process

Project process

We are always there where it matters - also during the course of the project.

Everything from one source

There are various reasons why you should assign the contract machining to us. Either the part to be machined or processed is particularly large, very special and/or complicated, or the customer has capacity bottlenecks. The customer can receive everything from one source from Ottemeier on request. From mechanical manufacturing and production - milling, wire eroding, grinding - to surface treatment - hardening, nitride treatment, painting - up to, and including, quality control.

Extended workbench

As an extended workbench, Ottemeier is abler to work according to the customer's specifications and calculates an individual quotation after a detailed examination of all requirements. This can commence immediately after issuing the order. The details are defined jointly with the customer, the CAD/CAM staff create the machine programmes according to the technical drawing data, the colleagues from the work preparation department, also known as deadline hunters at Ottemeier, plan the production and monitor the adherence to schedules. The mechanical manufacturing commences after a renewed control by the machine operator.

Just like a part of us

All the staff in the contracting processing handle our customers' tools with the utmost care and attention - as if they were a part of ours. We recognise their uniqueness and appreciate what is valuable. Quality control is therefore self-explanatory, including measuring reports on request.